Electrician in Baltimore

If you live in Baltimore and want top-quality electrical work done, Lou Electrical Contracting LLC has the professional residential and commercial electricians for you.

We provide all types of electrical services for both residential and commercial sectors and we’re dedicated to providing an exceptional customer service experience. Our team of electricians is licensed, insured, and bonded, with many years of experience under their belts. Whether it’s for repair, maintenance or installation, we’re the ones for the job.

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Complimentary Consultations from Your Local Electrician


When you need electrical work, you won’t get the runaround from us. As soon as you call our team, we’ll set up an on-site consultation at your earliest convenience. That’s right. We’ll come to you as quickly as possible. So, you can forget about long wait times and frustrating callbacks.

Our friendly electrician will promptly arrive at your front door at the time of your consultation. We’ll thoroughly inspect your property for whatever your need may be––installation, repair, or maintenance. Once we’ve determined the extent of the work to be done, we’ll give you a free quote.

Free Quotes on Electrical Services

Since there is a safety risk involved, it is always best to leave electrical work to trusted professionals. We can give you a price over the phone or have one of our electricians visit your property to give you a quote. We have flexible scheduling available as we try our best to accommodate our clients. We assure you that our prices are quite competitive but even so, all our quotes are obligation-free.

Timely and Efficient Electrical Repair

When you have an electrical issue in your home or business, we’ll send over one of our electricians to conduct a complete diagnosis of the problem. They’ll be sure to inspect the following:

  • Electric Meter
  • Wires (Indoor and Outdoor)
  • Main Panel Box
  • GFCI Outlets
  • Wall Switches
  • Lighting Fixtures

Whatever the problem may be, we’ll troubleshoot and figure out exactly what needs to be fixed. Our inspections are designed to be comprehensive: to identify any issue that may be affecting your electrical system. Our focus is not on short-term fixes but on long-term resolutions. By following a meticulous inspection process, we guarantee that our repairs are built to last, providing better performance and a longer lifespan.

We boast exceptionally quick turnaround times for all our repair services. Using efficient labor practices, we’re able to maintain tight deadlines without sacrificing quality. That way, we keep your wait time—and your downtime—to an absolute minimum. Choose Lou Electrical Contracting LLC, and you can expect a speedy repair from a dependable professional.

Electrical Part Replacement


In some situations, your property may require a replacement part or accessory before it can be repaired. Usually, we have all the hardware in our shop and can get it for you right away. Sometimes, though, the part needs to be ordered from a supplier. We’re pleased to provide our clients with same-day part and accessory order placements so that you don’t have to wait longer than necessary to have your electrical supply up and running as it should. Not to mention, you’ll also benefit from the discounted prices we receive from our suppliers due to our many long-standing working relationships in the industry.

Preventative Electrical Maintenance

To prevent the need for frequent repairs, you may want to consider scheduling routine inspections and maintenance. This could save you a lot of time and money in the long run, especially if you’re a business owner. We offer comprehensive maintenance programs that allow you to check up on your electrical systems regularly to make sure everything is functioning as it should.

As a preventative maintenance specialist, we provide a complete picture of your system’s performance. We’ll identify not just the glaring issues, but also any underlying problems that may be affecting how your electrical performs. We’ll then look for ways to optimize your system’s performance, maximize its efficiency, and reduce any strain it may be experiencing. By doing so, we’ll keep you free from needless repairs, extend the life of your electrical, and boost its performance. And we’ll save you money over the long term in the process. Smart, savvy, and sensible.

Expert Electrical Installation

If your electrical system is out of date and you’re looking for an upgrade, we’re always glad to replace the old with the new. From switches to breakers, we can install better quality equipment so that your home and business can thrive.

Our installations make use of the latest, state-of-the-art appliances and electrical equipment. High performance, high efficiency, and high style all come together in our installations, giving the best in functionality and aesthetic quality. Expert is a word thrown around all too often these days. But we at Lou Electrical Contracting LLC think it’s what best describes our installation services. With us, you can expect nothing less than the very best.

Baltimore’s Best Residential Electrician

Homeowners in Baltimore trust Lou Electrical Contracting LLC for their residential electrical work. We’re familiar with all the typical wiring issues and special requirements in the home. Some common household repairs we do are:

  • Backstabbed Wiring
  • Tripped Circuit Breakers
  • Light Bulb Burnout
  • Burned Outlets
  • Overlamping Issues

In addition to household repairs, we also offer homeowners installation services. If your home is currently under construction, don’t worry. We can work on your electrical supply even in the middle of a construction site. During renovations and remodels, we’ll work alongside other tradespeople to get the job done.

The Electrical Company with the Best Value

Since opening our doors, more and more homeowners have come to depend on us for all their electrical-related needs. The reason is simple: Value. No company can match both the quality of our work and the affordability of our prices. We use lean business principles to reduce our overhead, which in turn helps us minimize our turnaround times and the costs of our labor. It also helps us provide a more personalized service experience.

Better electrical, better customer service, and better prices. We may not be Baltimore’s biggest electrical company, but we are no doubt its best. Contact us to see for yourself.

Commercial Electrical Services

Fast, Affordable, Professional

We specialize in electrical work for commercial properties. Business owners can take advantage of our free quotes, our extensive consultation services, and our expert workmanship, which together ensure customer satisfaction.

As a business ourselves, we appreciate that companies need to stay productive, even while undergoing renovations. To keep you at maximum productivity, we maintain rigid deadlines for all our services, keeping your downtime to a minimum. We also offer flexible scheduling, adapting our work times according to your business’ needs. That way, we avoid disrupting your workflow, save you time, and save you money.

We are available for both new construction and renovation projects for commercial clients. To find out more, be sure to contact us today.

24/7 Emergency Electrical Contractor

At Lou Electrical Contracting LLC, we understand urgency. We offer emergency electrical services at all hours of the day, so that you’ll never be stuck for an extended period of time without functioning electrical. Just give us a quick call, and we’ll be there as soon as we can, with the right equipment ready to work.

Plus, all our services are backed with extended warranties, and we’ll come back to fix anything we might have missed.

If your situation is urgent, we encourage you to call us at (301) 367-7491 immediately.

Certified and Insured Electricians

We’re a licensed, insured, and bonded electrical company. That means that all the electricians on our team are qualified to work on both residential and commercial electrical projects. We strictly adhere to all safety codes and regulations.

What’s more, we’re dedicated to continual learning. We value keeping up to date with recent developments in the industry because we’re always looking for ways to raise the bar on the quality of our service.

Electricians with Superior Customer Service

As a small business, the experience of our customers is our priority. We stand out from the rest because of the quality of service we provide to every client. We value your patronage by:

  • Respecting your time by offering flexible scheduling options and keeping your appointments.
  • Offering reasonable and transparent pricing.
  • Delivering quality repairs, installations, and maintenance that will last.
  • Offering expert advice on how to best avoid electrical problems in the future.
  • Respecting your property by maintaining a clean worksite from start to finish.
  • Providing 24/7 emergency services, so we’re available when you need us the most.

There’s next to nothing we won’t do to keep our customers happy. If you have any questions, concerns, or inquiries related to your electrical work, don’t hesitate to drop us a line. We’re more than happy to supply you with the trustworthy information you need.

The Best Electrician in Baltimore

When you need a licensed electrician in Baltimore, look no further than Lou Electrical Contracting LLC. Our team is certified and experienced, as well as professional and prompt. We take care to always show up on time, ready to fix whatever electrical issue is presenting itself. Quick and efficient, our electricians will get the job done just right.

Discover the difference high-quality electrical work makes on your home and business by giving us a call at (301) 367-7491!